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    Hallo und ich sprechen englisch,

    I would like to offer my help to reviving this project, while working as a developer. I have wanted to see Vienna to St. Polten in game for a long time. In fact I have been in the planning stages. For a route that goes from Wien Flughafen Bahnhof to St. Polten. While passing through Wien Hauptbahnhof, and other stations this route would have. In addition to including major OBB depot's and Freight yards. I would like to keep this project with the old line and Westbahnhof. As it seems to be appreciated, and can help to make more diverse scenarios. I sadly don't have any prior mapping experience with train simulator. However I am watching tutorials, and begging to learn the route builder. I feel my idea has potential for being one of the best routes for TS. As it would offer a diverse set of scenarios, ranging from S-bahn, freight, various OBB passenger services, and highspeed rail. While being able to explore the capitol of Austria. A perfect place to play with RWA rolling stock! Anyways I'm sorry for the language barrier, however I hope to get in touch and get this project rolling again. Thanks and take care RWA community.